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What is white marble?

White marble indicates clearance and calmness. It can be used for covering the floor to make the room shining. You can say it is everlasting material.

Various types of white marble can be found. The greatest mines that the whole world does not know much about it, is lying under the very known areas of IRAN. 

White marble can be matched with different colors such as creams, blacks or greys.

The shapes of white marble can be fixed according to the shape of the place that is been designed.

One of the great advantages of white marble is that it could be utilized in any rooms, no matter it is a bathroom or kitchen.

Royal Stone Trading is a Persian complex being currently involved in the field of exploiting extracting processing and merchandising of ornamental stones used as interior / exterior building decorations.



Iran resources of stone mines

There is almost a share of 3% in the worlds mines and other resources in IRAN, and unfortunately there is a 1% market share of the building stones in return. the reason is because many of the producers, sell not even slabs, but groceries or crude! the huge stone reserves being shipped or even converted to slabs, and finished products on the way, on the sea to the market and being sold, using a third party or country brands other than Iranian origins. almost no one knows about the origin, and there is a way too big difference on the amount being shipped from and the amount being sold in the name of Iranian brands or known Iranian origin. the result, manipulated information on the market.

and the reason that you don’t know Iran as a great resources and origin of the product, is this!

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Different kinds of white marble

There are diverse sorts of white marble that convinces any architects into using them as covering paint of any building. So, using white marble and its special type is related to the place and the way it could be designed.

White marble contains calcium that makes its shape change by using it. Yet, looking after it can keep it fresh over time.

5 things you need to know when buying


The gray shades of this famous white marble and its thin and soft looking lines make it usable for different places such as shower walls, countertops, fireplaces, and flooring.

Michelangelo used this kind white marble in David sculpture. Bianco Carrara marble is valuable for its blue and grey shadows and tender shape that artists like Giovanni and Nicola Pisano used it in places like Siena Cathedral. This kind of marble white makes any places luxurious because of its shining shape.

 Royal Stone White Marble Bianco Brouille Bianco Carrara


Grey shining color makes this look a kind of paint on the canvas.

Its greyish surface that is mixed with light grey color makes it gorgeous stone for the facade part of the buildings as well as the interior and the exterior part of any building that can be designed well with it. When it used for covering the surface of interior parts, its shining would be second to none.

the quality and the cut in this variety has made it as one of the best selling products available on the market.

Royal Stone White Marble Statuarietto


Like Carrara, Statuarietto has grey spots that could be found in Calacatta pieces. Its shining white color makes it an invaluable stone. This white marble kind can be sought in works of masters in Italy too. Its versatile uses make it famous for different places either residential or commercial. It looks soft and tender with the grey linear parts on its shape.

The perfect mixture shape of grey lines makes it separable with other stones and is common for use in interior and exterior parts.

The transparency on the surface looks likes that you see a thin coating over it.

 Royal Stone White Marble Bianco Venato



This kind of white marble contains dark grey lines mixed with a light grey that brings its popularity for using in the interior parts and other functions such as festooning the furniture and the walls of different rooms in a building.

 Royal Stone White Marble Bianco Ibiza


It is marvelous that at first sight, this white marble catches your eyes.

The particle of it seems to be the center of the Pityusic Islands. Because of several factors like flexibility, pureness and shining aspect, this white marble is famous in Levantina.

This variety of white marble is which is sold in some parts of Europe. One of the most popular White marble (s). The reasons can be counted as the Polish, different finishing, Bush hammered or aged finishing of it.

The simplicity and ornamental aspect of it makes it popular for use in different places like kitchens, countertops, and bathrooms and even staircases as well as exterior parts of the building like the facade.



This white marble that could be called white gold too. The city of Almeria of Macael contributes its particular name to this unique white marble. Its color represents a natural and pure sense. It can be used in different parts in a building and the designers are free to utilize them in diverse ways. So it’s not surprising if you see them used in loft.

 Royal Stone White Marble Thassos


When you hear the name of this white marble, the island Thassos in Greece crosses your mind. It is surely a good representative of the Greek part. The simplicity of color in it brings up a kind of distinguished aspect that persuades people into using them in different places in a building.

As it comes from a place that is the Mediterranean, this feature can be simply conveyed so the users think that they’re in a house with a blue sky with a snowy white color that gives you a cool sense.

It contributes to the sense of calmness and can be set well with the nature of the house. Like most of the white marbles, it can be utilized in different places in a building especially in staircases and countertops.

 Royal Stone White Marble Lungomare



The naturalness of the quality of this white marble that comes from Brazil perks up the users. The mixture of water and twisting lines represents the place that it comes from. As it’s been painted on a paper because of its ink shape lines. The White color of this white marble makes it a shining particle in places like the kitchen or countertops. It combines a modern sensation as well as an ancient sense that makes it special and unique. Designers use the cutting part of it because of its luminous background in the buildings.

 Royal Stone White Marble Bianco Giulia


This white marble includes white color and the grey spots that have covered the whole of the stones.

Because of the marvelous aspect of white marble, it has been used by different masters, designers, and architects in their works. Bianco Giulia gives you a new sense of stone as it has a great kind of pureness in its quality and it seems for users that they are on the surface of the ice in the Arctic Ocean. Its color contributes a wonderful modern style to its users in the buildings.



Argos marble can represent well the feeling of Greco-Latin victory and desire for living. The ancient feature of this kind of white marble with red shadows covering its surface reminds the users of its Greek atmosphere and the feeling of fire and heat because of its dusty quality that displays well with its different color feature.


Royal Stone White Marble Calacatta Argos


Italy as its rich past can be a good source of white marble. One of the greatest one of them is Calacatta. This stone is variable in sizes and contributes a kind of warm sense to its users. It’s mostly used in the kitchen and bathroom or as a covering surface of the floor.

Because of its white shape and grey lines, Calacatta can be placed well on the walls too. Undoubtedly there are different white marbles or stones that can be used in buildings but Calacatta has great features that make it unique for using whether on walls or on the floor. The grey lines of it represent a different color degree in the room which can make it look calm and peaceful for people.


Mystery white marble

This is a stone that has been utilized for a long time. The marvelous history of using it is because of its lines that have different color shadows. Mystery white marble can be used in different places such as countertops, bathroom and other places on a building.


White Himalaya marble

White Himalaya marble is similar to Carrara. There are different and several colors that this kind has in its inner shape. The white whole color that has been combined with grey and brown and somehow purple. This white marble can be used for different places such as spaces in the kitchen or countertops surroundings as well as wall and covering for the floor.

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